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Spain: Cold snap causes huge fruit losses

A cold snap in Spain last week caused millions of Euro loss to fruit production, especially in Murcia. Growers had feared that the early blossoming brought on by a mild winter, would leave the trees more vulnerable to the risk of frost, and unfortunately they were proved right.
Initial estimates from Murcia’s regional government pegged the losses in the province at €45m, with almonds, peaches, nectarines and citrus the most affected crops. Lettuce and artichokes have also sustained some damage, the authorities said.
According to the data gathered by the government’s agrarian office, the areas of Cieza, Jumilla and Caravaca sustained most extensive damage, with 7,225ha of almond production, 1,986ha of peaches, 1,289ha of nectarines and 823ha of citrus said to be affected.
In Lleida and Valencia, meanwhile, temperatures fell as low as -7oC and although official estimates have yet to be published, early stonefruit varieties are expected to have incurred some losses.
The continuation of the cold snap suggests that further losses are likely in the coming days.
Publication date: 3/2/2016

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