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Apple price returns to rational level

The purchase price for Yantai apple experienced a decrease in 2015. By the end of the harvesting season, the purchase price was quite low due to its low quality. 
In terms of inventory stock, the wholesale market tends to be at less optimistic level as the majority of fruit growers and suppliers suffered a profit loss. Some cold storage and apple wholesalers even reduced the proportion of purchases while increasing their proportion in renting its storage centers, which once led to the fruit basket shortage. 
In general, eight major apple producing areas in China account for around 92% of the national yields. After the Spring Festival, 20% -25% of stocked Yantai Apple were sold, around a 10% decrease compared to the same period in previous years, all the other 7 areas experienced the same sale decrease level. 
In the year of 2016, the national apple produce will increase around 8%, the biggest increase in the past three years, and the total output might hit a record high. 
Moreover, the overall apple quality was better this year. Right now, as the market price continues to decrease, consumers' demand for apples will increase together with the apple inventory increase. All these will become two decisive factors for apple sale prices in the market. 
Source: Jiaodong Online 
Publication date: 3/3/2016

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