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Quality Statement

We manage comprehensive quality assurance and food safety programs that far exceed industry mandates. These programs include good manufacturing procedures, sanitation programs, microbiological testing, and recall preparedness program and so on. Together, they address all aspects of our products' life cycles, from seed selection all the way through harvesting, freezing, and distribution. As evidence of their effectiveness, we consistently score at the high levels of third-party and customer ratings for food safety.
At the center of our quality assurance efforts is our Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) program. This rigorous program identifies food safety risks, establishes controls, and outlines monitoring procedures to prevent food safety problems. While it is not currently mandated by our regulatory agencies, we helped develop this highly regarded program as part of our dedication to exceptional food safety for our customers and their customers as well.
Also, no genetically modified products are processed at any of our plants. All of our products are produced from seed that is not genetically engineered (GMO or transgenic).
Additionally, all facilities are KOSHER certified. We do not use additives, coloring, or preservatives in the preparation of our products.

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