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Low price and low production of kiwis

"The production season of Xiuwen kiwis starts in the mid of October and continues until the end of February or even the beginning of March. Compared to last season when the trees bore fruit, we produced 65% more, with a total volume of 500.000 kg. But looking at the overall national situation, that is not something to be optimistic about. Because of the changing weather, some large production regions encountered a reduced production to some extent. The overall decrease in output has reached 30% to 40%. The cold weather in March caused almost a third of all the early ripe varieties to go bad," says Mr. Wu Shaochun of Guirenguo company. 

Company staff start the harvest

Export to Europe
"Our kiwis are sold to local middle and high-end markets throughout Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing under the brand name 'Guirenguo'. We are actively expanding the existing shops and promoting the online sales platform in order to expand the market. We have also considered exporting our product to South-East Asian countries through Tianjin port. In the current stage, our company is in discussion with an exporting company in Tianjin. We hope to start exporting next year."
"Our company uses the method of 'company+cultivation, ground+farmer'. Currently we have over 300 hectares of kiwi cultivation. In order to ensure the quality of our kiwis, we adhere to the standards of organic production. In the cultivation process, we use organic fertiliser, fermented waste products from farmers and purely organic pesticide. In theory, the highest capacity we can reach on our cultivation ground is 45000 kg to 52000 kg per hectare. But according to the principles of selective cultivation, we keep to a ratio of 22500 kg per hectare."

Farmer fertiliser + dried oil + base fertiliser through calcium phosphate preparation 

"These rigorous management measures make our kiwis very tasty and sweet by nature. They are very popular on the market. Of course, apart from the dedicated work of our company group, our cultivation also received funding and technological support from the government from the start. In the future, we will keep working unrelentingly, so more more people from everywhere may taste our 'Guirenguo' kiwis."
Mr. Wu Shaochun 
Guizhou Guirenguo Organic Agriculture Development Co, Ltd.
Telephone: +86 139 8401 5432  

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