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Poland: Unsuccessful year for cherries, good for strawberries and raspberries

This is the third consecutive year in which cherry producers in Poland won't be making a profit. In fact, the purchase price of these fruits is even lower than last year, as reported to PAP by Bozena Nosecka, of the Institute of Agricultural Economics and Food Economy.
According to the expert, the price of cherries for freezing stands approximately at 1.3 z?oty*/kg, while cherries for stamping cost 0.85 z?oty/kg. On average, processors are buying cherries for approximately 1.55 z?oty/kg. Nosecka pointed out that the quality of cherries is poor because they are too "watery". Last year, the average purchase price of cherries stood at 1.7 z?oty/kg for freezing and 1.17 z?oty/kg for stamping.
These price levels do not allow cherry producers to achieve profitability, noted Nosecka. According to preliminary estimates from the Central Statistical Service (GUS), this year's cherry harvest will be higher than last year and should amount to 195 thousand tonnes, but always as long as all the fruits are harvested.
By contrast, producers of strawberries and raspberries cannot complain about prices this year. GUS figures revealed that this year's strawberry harvest will amount to nearly 196 thousand tonnes, i.e. about 5 percent. less than in the previous one.
As noted by an expert, strawberries felt the impact of unfavourable spring weather conditions, and on average, processing plants have been paying 3.60 z?oty/kg, compared to 2.65 z?oty/kg in 2015. Such a high price to producers guarantees the profitability of the crop.
Raspberries are also reaching high prices. During the summer, an average of 5.38 z?oty per kilo was paid, compared to 5.27 z?oty/kg last year. Now comes the purchase of the autumn varieties. Last year, they were very expensive (they cost over 9 z?oty per kilo), because there were not enough. This year, they will probably be cheaper. According to the GUS, Poland's raspberry production will reach 120 thousand tonnes and there could be up to 60 percent more autumn raspberries than last year.
*1 z?oty = 0.23 Euro/ 0.26 US$
Publication date: 8/16/2016

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