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Fruit consumption structure change in China

As of March, the prices of the majority of agricultural products have returned to normal levels, as the market supply and consumer demand return to rational consumption levels. 
However, according to the reporter's visit to the fruit market, the domestic fruit prices went down, while imported fruits prices rise. This reflects that consumer' fruit consumption habit has changed despite the fading away of festival effects. 
Consumers in Shengzhen Special Administrative Region start to pay more attention to the fruit quality, and they prefer to consume some imported fruits for their pleasurable taste . In fact, before and after the Spring Festival this year, domestic fruit prices were relatively stable, due to the relatively abundant supply. 
Even though the domestic fruit prices rose slightly during the Spring Festival, it still remains stable compared with the price surge of imported fruits. After the spring festival, some of the imported fruit prices fell slightly, but overall, imported fruits prices remains at a high level. 
Source: China Economic Net
Publication date: 3/14/2016

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