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Extreme cold coming to China

Chinese citizens are embracing for, what is said to be, the coldest winter in 30 years.
The temperature in some parts of Northern China has dropped to -48 degrees and the cold is expected to spread over the weekend. Some schools have shut down and public services are disrupted. The sea around Qingdao port in the Northeast has frozen. 
The temperature in Beijing will drop to -17 degrees during the weekend, whereas the temperature in Dalian, port city at the Northeast coast, will drop to -20 degrees.

In the coming days the temperature is expected to drop an additional 10 degrees in many parts of the country. Xinhua reported that, if that happens, 90% of the country would be below freezing levels. 
There are concerns that the cold will damage fruit and vegetables. The Daily Mail published a comment of a farmer who is concerned that, if the cold stays below zero for several days, only 10% of his vegetable crop will survive.

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