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Argentina: Tonnes of pears and apples thrown away in Rio Negro

Thousands of kilos of pears and apples were thrown away on Thursday morning at the doors of the Department of Fruit Horticulture of Rio Negro as protest against the critical situation of producers. The action sought to draw the attention of the national government and press it to adopt urgent measures.
"The 48 hours that officials from the national government asked for to be able to give us some response have passed and nothing has happened. This is the reason why we were forced to throw away the fruit that we could not sell," stated Carlos Zanardi, president of the chamber of Fernández Oro.
Zanardi reminded that a group of heads of the chambers of Allen, Regina, Huego and Valle travelled on Monday to Buenos Aires to ask officials of the Ministry of Agro-business to set a price of 5 pesos per kilo for fruit for packaging and of 2.50 pesos per kilo for fruit intended for the processing industry. Moreover, at that meeting, they demanded equal conditions for all sectors that make up the fruit industry.
"What is happening is very serious. Due to Russia's deva luation, Packams pears are impossible to sell in good conditions. We threw fruit away so that president Macri can become aware of what is currently happening. Governor Weretilneck is largely responsible for this situation; he has fought for a fixed oil price, but has not done the same with fruit," he added.
Lastly, Zanardi stated that "the Pear Festival should not be organised because there is nothing to celebrate."
Source: / With information from Correo del Orinoco

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