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NFC juice

NFC juice is a new member in our products list. It is processed by using the advanced HPP technology in the world. It is a natural, environmentally friendly process that respects the ingredient and helps maintain the fresh food characteristics like flavor and nutrients. Because of the absence of heat treatment, the original freshness of fruit can be maintained throughout the shelf-life. Our brand “Riofu” shows our difference from other juice. We have our own production, blending and storage facility, which gives us the flexibility to keep a wide range of fruit juices in stock.
To produce NFC juices, we select the finest fruits. At our factory, we press our ripe crop; no any additives are added in the production process. We guarantee 100% transparency from own production facility all the way back to our projects and farmers. Our aim is to supply fresh, safety and fruitful juices that give an extra rich taste 
At this moment, we have strawberry, kiwi, and peach, raspberry flavor available.

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